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Joelle Lattimer almost 4 years ago

What is holding you back?

We all have that one thing, and that one thing looks different for everyone. But, it is time to be fearless. Hold that power pose in the mirror and find your inner beast.

Joelle Lattimer almost 4 years ago

What is that smell???

We are hoping we can get ahead of the stench! But, it is going to require a team effort.

Here is your task... Test out the best way to deodorize your knee pads. If this works- this could be your million dollar idea! Please share your experiences/ experiments. :)

Post- workout ideas:
Natural Bamboo Activated Charcoal Air Purifying Bags- There are economical versions on amazon or you can try the name brands: No Stink Deodorizer or SmellWell
Make your own knee pad fresheners with Downy Unstopables and Baking Soda
Trashcan deodorizers: OutSmart Smell
Wet Dry Bags or Smell Proof Bags- Skunk Rollup Pouch or alt versions? for your backpack.

Always recommended:
Turn them inside out and let them air dry after practices.
Washing them AT LEAST every other week.

Joelle Lattimer about 4 years ago

As we celebrate the 125th anniversary of Labor Day, I am in awe of the contributions and efforts that ALL humans have made for our country to prosper. No matter our age, gender, nationality, or race, we will continue to challenge the "Business as Usual" mentality and make tomorrow better. I am privileged to stand among this group of young women, who will soon be running our future businesses and driving our economy forward. So, as we celebrate Labor Day on Monday, I hope you will take time to have a conversation on how that would look and what it will take.