The Unplug Challenge

The unPLUG Challenge

We are challenging our team to unPLUG from their phones during tournaments AND to voluntarily unPLUG from their phones, tablet devices, computers, smartwatches, and TV an evening, weekend, or any set time, which works well with their entire family. We know they will have to navigate around homework and other things, but the point is to set aside a block of time where the family will not be using any technology.

We are doing this in hopes of raising awareness and help our team focus on building relationships with their teammates, family, friends, and work on their hobbies and being outside.

The first, unPLUG Challenge will start on Nov. 4th and last for 6 weeks. At the end of the unPLUG Challenge, the player will receive an "I unPLUGGED" shirt! 

During the Challenge, you should keep a simple calendar (paper, of course) noting the day you unplugged and for how long.

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