Alex Rothers is a 2016 graduate from Park Hill South High School this spring.  One of her assignments as an 8th grader was to write a letter to be sent to herself as a senior.  Below are some of the contents of that letter shared with us by her mom, Anne.  For those that know the Rothers we know Alex is just a great kid and how this truly speaks to her heart.

“I feel like I have accomplished a lot over the past 3 years.  First of all, I have done very well and improved tremendously in volleyball.  Last year, our team, MAVS 13-1 went to Nationals and placed 2nd, losing to Puerto Rico.  On that team, I did not contribute all that much, but I am still extremely proud of that year and will never forget it.  This year, I am still playing for MAVS on the 14-1 team.  I play all around and am having a great year, improving every day.”

“This year, probably the only big disappointment would have been when I did not get an offer from Coach Mark to play with PVA.  But, I feel like playing on MAVS has been a much better path for me to take personally.”

“Something that I have done that made me proud was getting elected team captain by my teammates on MAVS 14-1.”

“Before I graduate, I want to earn a good scholarship to a good college, preferably a 1D (J), whether it is for volleyball or academics.  I don’t care; I would just like to get a good scholarship.”

“Now, here are some things I hope I have achieved by the time you read this.  First of all, I hope I still play for MAVS and am an outside hitter? Or a setter?  That would be fabulous.  I also hope I have grown some.  Maybe now, I have reached 5’10”.”

“My favorite activity is…you guessed it…volleyball.”

She ended it with “Make me proud, future self!”

We are definitely proud of you Alex!!